Thursday, April 23, 2009

December Daily

Two nights ago, I finally finished my December Daily album. Woo Hoo!! It has been staring at me for months begging to be completed.

The idea for this album came from Ali Edwards. You can check out her post here...

Basically, you take pictures and put together an album to journal your families activities from December 1st through December 25th.

I wanted to share a few of the pages on my blog. I am happy with how it turned out. I am also happy to be done with it.

I feel like I just threw some of it together but I am hopeful that this years album will be better. I have one under my belt now so I have a good idea of what I am doing and how much time it takes to do it.

Some days there wasn't a whole lot going on. December 2nd was one of those days. I just took a picture of Carver laying on our bed after he got home from school. Since we have cats and that is where they tend to spend a lot of time, I won't let him get on the 'big bed' unless I have just washed the quilt. I hate this but what do you do? Kill the cats? Just don't worry about it and let him get on it anytime he wants? I don't think I can do either.

On December 3rd, Carver and I went to my parents to help them put up their Christmas tree. Carver did a really good job putting the ornaments on. Of course they were all right beside each other but that was ok!

December 7th, we went to the Christmas parade and December 8th was another not much going on day. I took a picture of Michael walking in the door from work. This is something we look forward to everyday. He is usually talking on the phone when he does come in so... this was a good picture of life in our home. :-)

December 14th was a Sunday so I took a picture of Carver playing in his Sunday School class. Of course I had to catch him when he was playing with a pink stroller. I guess that is ok. I hope Carver will give me grandchildren some day so I say... let him practice with that pink stroller all he wants.

December 15th was yet another uneventful day. I took a picture of Carver's shoes that we got in the mail that day. I love those shoes. Carver looks so cool when he wears them. :-)

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