Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Birthday Girls

Me and Libby
On Tuesday night, we celebrated my birthday and my niece, Libby's, birthday with the Eubanks clan. We were suppose to celebrate it this past Sunday but since Carver was sick, they rescheduled so we could be there. Carver is still not well but the decision was made for us to come on anyway.

My mom-in-law, Brenda (Granna), made our favorite foods and we each had our own cake that was decorated just for us. My cake had a birthday stamp and ribbon on top with mat stax squares lying around the bottom. Cute Cute! Granna went to a lot of trouble to go pick out crafty stuff for me to decorate my cake. I loved it! It was very special! Oh... and she had some wooden initials (my initials) that she stood up against the cake. Very creative Granna! :-)

On the way home, Michael told me that she spent a lot of time planning how to make my birthday celebration special for me. Granna must have read my Birthday Blues post and felt sorry for me! ha.. :-) Granna... thank you for going through so much trouble for me. I really did love everything that you did and it made me feel very special!

Me and Granna

Michael took some other pictures that I wanted to share. This is a picture of me and my dad-in-law, Orbie (Poppy).

This is me and my other beautiful niece, Natalee.
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