Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tube Day

Carver had his tubes put in today! Everything went so smooth! Prayers were definitely heard and answered.

Carver woke up crying last night and ended up in our bed around 2am. This is a common occurrence around here, especially as of late. Anytime he has an ear infection, he has trouble sleeping through the night. Anyway... when my alarm went off at 5am, we were all up. We left around 6 to get to the hospital on time since we weren't quite sure where we were going. We got there a little before 7. Carvers procedure was scheduled for 9am. Around 11am is when they actually got around to performing the procedure. None of us had anything to eat or drink all morning. While we waited, Carver asked for a sucker and for juice treats and for juice but each time he was told he couldn't have it, he simply quit asking. He may have gotten a little upset one time but that was it. He was such a trooper. We were both amazed at how well he did during all of this waiting time!

However, mommy was having a hard time by the end. I was tired of sitting and tired of waiting and couldn't understand why we had to be there so early! I did manage to keep it together. Michael was surprised and honestly, so was I!

Once we finally got called back, things went fairly fast. We were told to expect Carver to be upset as the anesthesia wore off and that he wouldn't want to eat for a little while afterwards. As soon as we got back to see him, after the procedure, he was still asleep. He woke shortly thereafter and never once got upset. He sat up and was talking and ate a popsicle. The nurse told us that he was the best patient of the day. Michael asked the nurse if he said that to all the patients. He assured us that he didn't and that Carver truly did wonderful.

Oh.. and he was also the only kid that day that rode on his hospital bed into the operating room. All the others had to be carried by one of the nurses. This seemed to impress the nurses so... ok..!

After we left the hospital, we stopped by Chick fil A and he was eating french fries on the way home. Well... we all were! Carver ate lunch and then laid down to take his nap just like any other day. He was such a big boy today! We are so proud of him and so thankful for all of the prayers that went up for him and for us. Someone must have been praying especially hard for me. :-)

Of course I didn't take my camera today. That may surprise some people as I seem to have it permanently glued to my eye. However, Carver was so cute in his little gown and hospital issued cap that Michael took a picture with his phone. This picture is so blurry and not of 'blog quality' but I had to share it anyway.

Thanks again to all of you who said a prayer for our family!! They were definitely felt by all of us!


Courtney Baker said...

That picture is so cute! And I am COMPLETELY surprised that you didn't have your camera!

Kelley Eubanks said...

If I hadn't thought it might be slightly inappropriate, I would have brought it! :-)

Ever Changing Seasons said...

i asked michael about carver tonight at church. he told me to be sure and read your blog. he mentioned the 4 hour wait prior to surgery. i am very proud of you for keeping your cool. there are just some things that we can't control.....hospitals are one of those things. glad carver man did great! mommy and daddy too.