Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shadow Play

I love this picture of Carver. I took this yesterday while we were at the park.

Carver decided, after being at the park for a while, he wanted to take a walk instead of playing on the playground. As we turned a corner, the sun was to our back and Carver discovered his shadow. This is not the first time Carver has seen his shadow but this was the most fun he has had playing with it. Carver would run and just get so tickled watching his shadow. It was such a sweet moment. Carver looks so big to me now but as he was running and I was also watching his shadow... I saw the sweetest little baby shadow swinging his arms and bobbing his head. It was a reminder to me that even though he is growing so big and learning new things everyday that he is still a (my) precious little baby.

That may not make a lot of sense in writing but it makes perfect sense in this mommy's heart.

This is Carver riding his tricycle. He has such a determined look on his face. He must have been concentrating really hard. :-)

Carver usually sits on his tricycle and gets around by pushing his feet on the ground. However, he can go backwards on it pretty well using the pedals. With his daddy's help, Carver finally got the hang of it. He rode down the same strip of sidewalk several times. He would take off and not steer well so he would end up getting stuck in the grass. The last trip down the sidewalk, he had learned to pedal and steer. Carver made it all the way to the end of the sidewalk and he was so pleased with his progress.

What a sweet blessing from God he is!
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Courtney Baker said...

That is so sweet. You know yesterday Brayden was having some fun with his shadow, must be a boy thing.

Also, I read the post below, you look so much like your mom.

Kelley Eubanks said...

Well thank you... that is a compliment! :-)