Monday, April 20, 2009

Mailbox Monday

I was disappointed today when I didn't receive my package in the mail from Papertrey Ink. I don't know that it was suppose to arrive today but, I was hoping it would. However, I did receive something else in the mail today. I finally got Carver's new backpack. I ordered this backpack over two months ago. It has been back ordered two times. I am very excited that it arrived today. It made the pain and sorrow, of not receiving my crafting goodies, bearable! :-)

On another note... I want to say "thank you and I love you" to my husband. Michael is very handy and I don't praise him enough.

Our washing machine decided, on Saturday, that it was tired of working. Michael quickly got on the Internet and pulled out the handy dandy manual to figure out our problem. After a trip to Nashville today (me and Carver) to pick up a part, Michael made a quick trip home from work to fix our washing machine. I am so excited to have a working washing machine. I don't know that I necessarily love washing clothes but I definitely like having clean clothes.

Thank you God for my washing machine and the many other luxuries that I take for granted every day!

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The Quiles Family said...

I think a lot of times we do take so many things for granted! Thanks for the reminder that we need to be thankful for so much more than we acknowledge!