Sunday, April 26, 2009

For Cathy

This is a card that I made earlier this week, using my new SU set again, for a special family friend.

Michael's assistant at work is a wonderful woman named Cathy! Cathy is a great friend to both of us. Most importantly, Cathy loves our child and he loves her! :-)

Cathy was helping Michael with youth stuff at church long before she started getting paid to do so. I cannot count the number of times Michael has told me how much he appreciates her. Cathy is probably the only other woman out there (besides maybe Michael's mom) that understands me! ha... (love you honey!!)

Cathy... if you ever read this... we all love you and appreciate you. If it weren't for your ongoing above and beyond attitude/teamwork, I know I would have significantly less time to spend with my husband.

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