Sunday, May 31, 2009

Michael and Carver Crafts

I am always posting my crafts on my blog. Today I wanted to post some crafts by Michael and Carver.

Carver is not a crafty person so far. Carver is all boy and would rather throw a ball or hit something than sit down and color. I don't push him to be crafty. I figure most boys just aren't and I will have to have a girl if I want a craft partner. I am always surprised when he actually makes stuff at school or church. I need to ask them how they do it!

This is what Carver made me, at school, for Mother's Day! It is still alive and still sitting in my kitchen window.

This Easter egg was also made at school. Carver was so proud of this egg and loved seeing it in the window. So did mommy!

This is a picture of Carver's clothesline thingy :-) that hangs in his room. I got this from Pottery Barn, before he was born, in hopes of one day hanging his little works of art on it. I love it! Carver loves seeing his art on his wall. Every time we put something new up, he talks about it for a couple of days.

Now... on to the big boy's crafts!

Michael made me an Anniversary card this year. He was paranoid about it when he gave it to me. Michael was afraid I wouldn't like it. I LOVED IT! It is my favorite card he has given me so far except for the homemade Valentines Card he gave me a few years ago.

Michael made this on his mac.... that is where he does his crafty stuff. I told him I was glad that he didn't come into my room and mess with my craft stuff. :-)

The only part I didn't love about the card was that picture of us in the right hand bottom corner. We are both red faced but... I was in labor with our son! I guess it is actually a great picture to use since it was such a beautiful day we shared but I sure didn't look too pretty! :-)

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Lynnette said...

Aww, what a sweet man you have married!! And what a great job he did with it.

Thanks for sharing the crafts from the men in your life. They are both talented :)