Friday, May 8, 2009

My Thursday

Today Carver went to Mothers Day Out. Carver usually only goes on Tuesdays but they asked if I would bring him on Tuesday and Thursday for the last two weeks. His teacher, Ms. Amanda, has so much planned that she hates for him to miss and wants him to spend the last few days with his friends. This was very sweet of her to ask and I was very happy to do it. :-) I am getting a little taste of what next year will be like when he goes both days from the very beginning. I am not sure how I am going to handle it all year but I am happy about it for these last two weeks.

The mothers were asked to be prepared to hang out for a little while after getting our kids to school this morning. All the classes were having Mother's Day teas for the mothers. I have to admit, when I first found out about it last week, I was not really wanting to stay. I mean... I only have 5 hours of alone time and about 20 hours of housework to try and get done. Plus... Carver is 2 and wouldn't know what was going on.

Well... it was very nice. I knew it would be and that I was just having the wrong attitude. I just do that sometimes. At least I realize it... right? That is the first step to changing it! :-)

This is a picture of the spread in Carver's class. It was great food and it really was special.

While Carver was at school, I cleaned our deck and I wrapped my mothers day gifts for my mother and mother-in-law. This is the first time I have made pillow boxes with my Big Shot. I think they turned out pretty good. I didn't get much else done. We are having Michael's family over this weekend so I plan to get everything cleaned the next two days.

After school, Carver and I played for a while in his room. Of course I was taking pictures. This is my favorite of all of them. I love his little hands!

After dinner, Michael mowed the lawn. Carver always has a fit to "ride with daddy". The routine is.... after Michael mows the front yard, we come out and Carver gets to ride on the mower (blades disengaged) for a few minutes. This time Michael put some protection on Carvers ears. Carver didn't know what to think about it but he left it on. After the brief ride, we go in the house and cry the rest of the time daddy is mowing because we want to ride some more. We have to watch daddy out the windows or on the deck. Fun for mommy! :-)

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Jennifer E. said...

Such sweet pictures! Glad you had an enjoyable time at the tea party, it looked really nice. BTW, Carver is adorable!