Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Paige and Alex

I thought I would take a quick break from posting cards to share a couple of pictures of Paige and Alex.

On Monday night, Paige and Alex both had a ballgame at 7:30. Michael, Carver and I went to watch most of Paige's game and then headed over to watch the end of Alex's game. They both had a pretty exciting night.

Paige plays in center field and caught a fly ball that was hit to her. She did so good. Paige was so embarrassed by all the yelling we were doing that, after she caught the ball, she started crying. Another little girl on her team came over and gave her a big hug. The combination of catching the ball, us yelling "way to go Paige", and the little girl coming over to give her a hug was just too much for her. I think she should really be my child! :-) She has that sensitive crying gene. Maybe her dad has it too but... he is too much of a man to show it!?!?! We were all so proud! This is her first year playing softball so catching that ball was a pretty big deal.

This picture of her is from a previous game. Michael did a good job capturing the moment so I wanted to share. This is Paige sliding into home plate.

I usually take most of the pictures but Michael is our official sports photographer! :-)

This is a picture of Alex pitching! Alex is usually playing catcher or is in the outfield but on Monday night, he got the chance to pitch for a couple of innings. Alex did really good! Several people (including one of the umpires) were bragging on him and how well he did his first time on the mound. My brother, Mike (Alex's dad), was a great pitcher in high school so I know he was proud! We all were!
Both of my brothers were good athletes and it looks like their kids have a great future in sports as well! It is so exciting to see them do well!
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Cindi said...

Michael, you should take photos for Sports Illustrated! Your photography, just in general, is fabulous, but you have a special unique gift of capturing sports moments. I loved these photos of Paige and Alex! Thank you for being such a wonderful uncle by gifting me and Mike and Chris and Brandy with such magnificient keepsake photos of our children. So many wonderful memories I have of my children came from you or Kelley. What a beautiful gift you share with us, and I just wanted you to know that it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Dianne said...

I love seeing all your sport pictures!!! They are great! You are doing a wonderful job with your BLOG. I try to read it every couple of days.

Kelley Eubanks said...

Thank you Dianne! I have been posting a lot of cards lately but I have been trying to post some other stuff that my family would be interested in. I knew you would enjoy seeing the sports pictures. Thanks for keeping up with it. Love you!