Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rex's Big Game

On Tuesday night, my nephew, Rex had his first T-ball game. Those boys were so cute... especially Rex! :-) This is Rex, before the game, getting his 'make-up' on. All the boys were asking why they were getting make-up put on. They already looked so cute in their little uniforms but this just added more cuteness. I am not even sure if that is a word! :-)

Here is Rex taking a swing at the ball. Look at his face... he is giving it all he has! Rex did really well hitting. He knocked over the tee a few times but only a few. When Rex hit the ball, it went pretty far for such a little man.

How cute is he? Couldn't you just eat him up? This is Rex catching me taking his picture. The next shot I took was of the back of his head. I know they all get so tired of me and my camera. One day they will thank me! :-)
And last but not least... here is Rex getting some first base instructions from his daddy. So sweet!!
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