Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, our family went to church and then headed over to my mom's house to celebrate with my family. I wanted to take a picture of all the mother's with their kids/family. This is my brother Mike, my mom Katha, my brother Chris, and myself.

Like my cheesy grin? I was sucking in my tummy and I think I was making some sort of smart comment to Michael under my breath. :-)

My mom prepared a fabulous lunch, as usual. I wish she wouldn't cook on Mother's Day but she is pretty stubborn. My mom loves to cook for her family and I have recently decided that I am tired of arguing with her about it! :-)

This is a picture of my nephew Alex, my sister-in-law Cindi, and my brother Mike! There is one more nephew missing from this picture. Dustin is a Marine and is married to a beautiful young lady, Kayla. Dustin and Kayla have a beautiful daughter named Shaylyn. Dustin is still serving our country so unfortunately they live in a different state. We miss them!
This is my brother Chris, my sister-in-law Brandy, my niece Paige, and my nephew Dylan!

Michael and I are blessed with two great families! I like to show them off!
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Courtney Baker said...

Wow girl I never realized how much you look like your mom. You look SO much a like in this picture!