Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Christmas Cards

Here are a few CAS Christmas cards that I made a while ago for submissions. Thought I would go ahead and get the rest of my Christmas stuff posted for the next few days and then maybe I will have something more summery to post by then. Maybe! :)

Carver is finally napping! It took longer for him to fall asleep today because we decided to take his pacifier away... Finally!! I have been dreading it and nap today was truly an ordeal!

I woke up this morning to Carver lifting my eyelid and saying "Wake up Mommy... I can't find my paci". When I walked in the bathroom I saw what he had done. Carver had flushed his paci down our toilet... gotten the plunger out of the linen closet and I guess tried to use it. There was water all over the floor... along with Michaels toothbrush (covered in toothpaste). My toothbrush was also out on the counter with toothpaste smeared on it and all over the counter. My floss was out of it's package and all over the floor. So.... you can guess how my day has been. Some days I feel like a horrible mother! Today is one of those days! No patience and I am just tired. I feel horrible because they are both my own fault! Anyway....

Guess I am done rambling! Got lots to do while C is sleeping! Hope you all have a wonderful day! Thank you all so much for the sweet comments on my news from yesterday! I really appreciate all of you!!

Peace and Love!

Supplies: Celebrate
Stamps - Everyday Words by Ali E (Technique Tuesday)
Paper - True Black (PTI)
Ink - VersaMark
Other - Silver Emboss powder (AC), corner rounder, Jewel sticker (LYB), May Arts ribbon

Supplies: Joy to the World
Stamps - Holly Jolly Christmas and Peace, Love, Joy by Ali Edwards (TT)
Paper - Pure Poppy (PTI)
Ink - Versamark
Other - Black emboss powder (Superior), Gold and Silver emboss powders (AC), corner rounder

Supplies: Peace on Earth
Stamps - Peace, Joy, Love by Ali E (TT)
Paper - Kraft (PTI)
Ink - True Black and Dark Choc (PTI)
Other - Kaiser Rhinestone, White colored pencil (Crayola), corner rounder, Twine (PTI)

Supplies: Merry Christmas
Stamps - Holly Jolly Christmas (TT), Holiday Sayin (Hero Arts)
Paper - Kraft (PTI)
Ink - Versamark, L'Amour Red (Superior), Distress (Ranger)
Other - Kaiser Rhinestone, Black emboss powder (Superior), corner rounder, Ribbon from May Arts


Anonymous said...

Oh, that's a tough way to start the day. Hopefully Carver will sleep well tonight and you can "catch up" on some rest yourself. Your story reminds me of the time that my little girl decided to "decorate" the bathroom with hand soap. Slimy hand soap all over the walls, sink, floor, towel, etc. That was challenging to get cleaned up to a point where it wasn't slippery anymore!

Courtney Baker said...

Yea that is a tough day! Hope it gets better!

Kathy Martin said...

Christmas cards!?!?! ;) They are quite cool! :)

AnitaRex said...

Oh no one of those days! No fun! I feel for you. If the paci is going bad and you give it back I heard another good way to get rid of it. Poke a big hole in it, all of a sudden it doesn't work and he may get rid of it himself! :> Cute Christmas cards!

Sarah Craig said...

Ouch! Just keep in mind that someday you'll be able to tell his future wife that story, and one day his kids will do something equally horrible, and you can just sit back and laugh!!! Age does have its benefits!! (PS You're not a horrible mother! Everyone goes through this stuff!)

Catherine said...

Wow I should try and make some of these so I don't rush at the last minute, which I always seem to do. I really like the simple elegance of the last one, beautiful.

Children of all ages can be a challenge so don't feel bad, yesterday was a bit of a doozy with my little one. Keep smiling and I hope that today is a good day. xo

Brandi said...

Love the dove! So cute!

Jeanne said...

Great cards, but I am sorry about your tough day. My kids wouldn't take a pacifier (but loved their thumbs), so I don't know a lot about them giving one up, but the idea to poke a hole in it sounds like a good one!

Hope you slept better last night!

Amanda Winkelman said...

Oh, Kelley, I am so sorry your day began like that....the silver lining? It can only get better from there, right? I hope it did. It's so tough when things go wrong with children and you can only look to yourself to blame. I feel ya, sista! I hope that today is a much better day for you. Love those Christmas cards. Think the first one with the dove is my favorite. Kudos to you for making some so early on in the year. I always say that I'm going to make my Christmas cards in the summer, but am always rushing around trying to get them done after Thanksgiving! And it seems like so many cute Christmas stamps and papers come out in the early fall! I'm starting to get back into blog world on a regular basis feels good. I've missed seeing everything that you have been up to! Keep it up, cuz it makes me happy to see all your amazing creativity!

Janelle said...

Love these CAS cards, Kelley! Ali Edwards' sentiments are perfect for your style -- just perfect. Definitely a rough way to start the day. I'd be crabby, too. Did you take a picture of Carver's "work"? I did that a few times when my kids were little and while I was frustrated at the time it was pretty funny to look back on. Like the picture of Ian in his pajamas sitting in the middle of the contents of an entire box of Rice Krispies -- handful of rice krispies in his mouth. Guess I wasn't moving fast enough to get him breakfast! It's a brief stage. Keep your chin up and your sense of humor (whenever possible...). :)

Winter said...

Very pretty! I just love CAS cards! It is so hard for me to get into the CHristmas mood though! :)