Sunday, June 27, 2010

Several Things

It is late on Sunday night and I wanted to post a few things.... first of all... some actual cards... woo hoo! These are my first cards using one of Dawn's sets. I am ashamed to say that I bought this set not too long after it's release and I just recently played with it. I think that is a sure sign that I have too many stamps! :)

Second.... I got to meet a very dear blog friend, Janelle, and her husband, Ken, tonight for dinner.

Ken emailed me a while ago to let me know that they would be passing through the area and thought it would be a great surprise for Janelle if me and my family could meet them for breakfast on Monday morning. Well... long story short... we didn't follow through with the surprise because they actually got into town earlier than expected so we went ahead and met for dinner tonight.

We had a great time spending an hour or so just talking to Janelle and Ken (while we stuffed our faces of course)! I LOVE Janelle and am so glad to have finally been able to hug her neck! :) I was equally as thrilled to meet her wonderful husband, Ken!

Here is a pic of me and Janelle and another pic of all of us together!

Definitely a good day today! :)

Third thing.... Thank you again for all of the prayers for my latest drama! I am doing good... really sore but no 'real' pain since Friday night so that is great. Just waiting to hear some sort of news tomorrow.

I feel kind of silly talking about all of my recent health issues on my blog. I am sure a lot of you are tired of hearing it... I know I am tired of talking about it! :) I started to not post about what is going on with me now but let me tell you why I did... I believe in the power of prayer! Simple as that! As embarrassing as the drama may be and at the risk of being coined a 'drama queen'... I believe in the power of prayer! If I don't tell you... you won't know to pray or what to pray for!

Again... I was hesitant to post about it and then I was like ... Kelley... you are doing exactly what you think others shouldn't do... keep things to themselves and not ask for prayer. So... I decided to post about it (hesitantly) and you know what happened... my mood/outlook was different in about an hour after I posted it on my blog! Now... it has gone back and forth over the last few days (my mood/outlook) but there is definitely a difference when others are praying for you. I know that I am never alone. God is always with me! However... when I don't share things and ask for prayer... that is the only way that I know how to describe how I feel... alone! I feel empty and scared and just a darkness. When I share my troubles and I know others are going to God in prayer on my behalf... I don't feel that way! I may still have ups and downs of being scared, etc... but I no longer feel alone!

Anyway... that is probably a lot of rambling that doesn't make sense. After all... it is after midnight now! :) It makes sense to me!

Thank you again for the prayers and support! I can never thank you enough!

Peace and Love!

Supplies: combined
Stamps - Funky Flowers (W Plus 9 Design)
Paper - White (PTI)
Ink - True Black (PTI)
Other - Copics, Doodlebug Jewels, corner rounder


Vanessa said...

I am glad you are feeling better, sweet friend! I love the photos! I so hope one day we'll post a photo of us two on our blogs :)
Thinking of you all the time! Hugs, Vanessa x

Alice Wertz said...

very cute and lovely cards, Kelley!! so glad to hear that you are feeling better. hope all is well and take care!

Handmade Creations by Stephanie said...

Beautiful cards and happy to hear you are doing a little better I will be keeping you in my thoughts!!!Hugs!!

Sarah Craig said...

Lovely cards and even better, clear thoughts from you at midnight! Never be hesitant to ask for prayers - we love you and want the best for you!! Glad you are doing better!!

Janelle said...

We had so much fun with you, Michael, & Carver last night, Kelley. And -- I agree -- it was great to finally "hug your neck". My prayers for you continue...

Courtney Baker said...

Oh so fun that you got to meet here! And I think I know that restaurant too! ;)

BananaStamper said...

So glad to hear that you have been able to keep positive knowing that so many blog friends are thinking about you! So fun that you got to meet Janelle and her husband, how wonderful!

Fabby cards - love the bright colors! Stay positive girl! Hugs,
Shanna :)

Winter said...

So glad you are feeling better and glad that you shared your "prayer request" with all of us! I believe that we have to humble ourselves sometimes and I believe that is what you have done. I will continue to pray for you!
And Woo Hoo for meeting Blog Friends! I bet Janelle was a sweetie! :)
Love You!

LeAnne said...

Glad you were able to stamp; meet Janelle; and share your prayer requests. Lots of nasty things going on out there these days, but knowing God is in control takes the fear away....well most of it anyway! Praying for you, GF!

Stephanie said...

Hey Kelley - great cards! I especially love the happy birthday - so fun :) And how great that you got to not only meet but spend time with Janelle! I'm continuing to send prayers and positive thoughts your way!

Anonymous said...

How fun to get to meet your friend Janelle "in real life"! Thinking of you and praying for you. ~ Laura

Lynnette said...

Great cards, and so fun you got to meet Janelle. I hope that I get to meet you in the not so distant future:) I'm so glad you share your hardships so that I (we) can pray for you specifically. If you are faithful, you will be blessed, and I think the peace of mind He has given you is one of His blessings.