Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You're A Classic

Happy Wednesday! Quick post today...

Carver is taking a later than usual nap because we stayed too long at a friends house today. I don't need to let him sleep too long and I have a lot of laundry to fold and iron before I get him up! Wish me luck!

This is the last card that I made with my fav Unity set that I was talking about yesterday!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Peace and Love!

Stamps - Retro Road Trip (Unity), Essential Messages (Hero Arts)
Paper - Kraft (PTI), Jillibean Soup
Ink - Distress (Ranger), Sahara Sand (Tsukineko)
Other - Rectangle Nesties, PTI Twine, Clear emboss powder (Superior), Dimensionals

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Unity Rocks

I love Unity! This set... Retro Road Trip... from Unity Stamp Co. has got to be my favorite stamp set right now! I just think it is way cool and lots of fun! For a simple CAS gal... it seems to offer a lot of possibilities.

I am trying to be more picky about the stamp sets that I buy. Now that I know what my style is... CAS... and that I am a true STAMPER... I am trying really hard to first of all... not purchase much at all but when I do... make sure it is something I can see endless possibilities with... using my style and just stamps and ink!


I have had a great day today and hope that you have as well! I feel like I have gotten a lot accomplished. My little man is finishing up dinner and we are heading out in a few to go spend some fun family time together at a local mall.

Carver loves to see those kid rides at the malls... you know... the ones like the horse that take 75 cents and ride the kid for 3 seconds? Well... at a local outlet mall... they have like 6 different ones all together in the food court. We NEVER have change or cash for that matter when we are near these things. Earlier today, after C getting to ride 1 thanks to some change my dad had given him earlier to put in his bank (shhhh), I promised him that we would come back soon with enough change to ride each of them at least one time! So... that is what we are off to do! :) And just maybe window shop a little.

Okay... well... hope you all have a great night! Talk to you soon!

Peace and Love!

Supplies: combined
Stamps - Retro Road Trip (Unity)
Paper - Black, White, and Bitty Stars (Papertrey Ink)
Ink - Red (Superior), VersaMark
Other - Black and White emboss powder (Superior), Aqua Emboss powder (American Crafts), corner rounder, edge distressor, dimensionals, Doodlebug Jewel, Copic marker

Monday, June 28, 2010

Always Friends

Happy Monday... and it is happy indeed!

Got a call from my doc this morning and he believes, after reviewing the ultrasound pictures, that everything is okay. Just normal stuff that a lot of women deal with. However, he wants me to have another ultrasound in a month to make sure. If it isn't smaller or gone... then we may be looking at something more serious but he doesn't feel that is the case. Whew! Still no definite answer but if my doc feels that it is okay... that is a huge relief to us! He was the one most concerned about it to begin with. The other doc who found it on the CT didn't believe it was anything to worry about from the start. So.... PRAISE GOD!

Thank you again for all of your prayers! I can't tell you enough how much it means and how comforting it has been to know that people are praying for you!

So... another card. I will have a lot of these to post now. I made a ton for the latest PC call. Got a few picked up but there are tons left over to post. :)

Hope you are all having a fabulous day! I have to say that I have done a little blog hopping ... and I mean.. a little... over the last 24 hours and I hope to continue that so I can get caught up with all of you. I am feeling great at the moment and feel again like I can conquer the world ... ha... so... I am hoping to be able to work on a better balance of everything. I want to find more time to keep up with you guys ... my blog friends and IRL friends ... who take time to pray for me and care about me! Thank you again!

Peace and Love!

Paper - Kraft (PTI)
Stamps - Laughter (American Crafts)
Ink - True Black (PTI)
Other - corner rounder, American Crafts rub on's and ribbon

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Several Things

It is late on Sunday night and I wanted to post a few things.... first of all... some actual cards... woo hoo! These are my first cards using one of Dawn's sets. I am ashamed to say that I bought this set not too long after it's release and I just recently played with it. I think that is a sure sign that I have too many stamps! :)

Second.... I got to meet a very dear blog friend, Janelle, and her husband, Ken, tonight for dinner.

Ken emailed me a while ago to let me know that they would be passing through the area and thought it would be a great surprise for Janelle if me and my family could meet them for breakfast on Monday morning. Well... long story short... we didn't follow through with the surprise because they actually got into town earlier than expected so we went ahead and met for dinner tonight.

We had a great time spending an hour or so just talking to Janelle and Ken (while we stuffed our faces of course)! I LOVE Janelle and am so glad to have finally been able to hug her neck! :) I was equally as thrilled to meet her wonderful husband, Ken!

Here is a pic of me and Janelle and another pic of all of us together!

Definitely a good day today! :)

Third thing.... Thank you again for all of the prayers for my latest drama! I am doing good... really sore but no 'real' pain since Friday night so that is great. Just waiting to hear some sort of news tomorrow.

I feel kind of silly talking about all of my recent health issues on my blog. I am sure a lot of you are tired of hearing it... I know I am tired of talking about it! :) I started to not post about what is going on with me now but let me tell you why I did... I believe in the power of prayer! Simple as that! As embarrassing as the drama may be and at the risk of being coined a 'drama queen'... I believe in the power of prayer! If I don't tell you... you won't know to pray or what to pray for!

Again... I was hesitant to post about it and then I was like ... Kelley... you are doing exactly what you think others shouldn't do... keep things to themselves and not ask for prayer. So... I decided to post about it (hesitantly) and you know what happened... my mood/outlook was different in about an hour after I posted it on my blog! Now... it has gone back and forth over the last few days (my mood/outlook) but there is definitely a difference when others are praying for you. I know that I am never alone. God is always with me! However... when I don't share things and ask for prayer... that is the only way that I know how to describe how I feel... alone! I feel empty and scared and just a darkness. When I share my troubles and I know others are going to God in prayer on my behalf... I don't feel that way! I may still have ups and downs of being scared, etc... but I no longer feel alone!

Anyway... that is probably a lot of rambling that doesn't make sense. After all... it is after midnight now! :) It makes sense to me!

Thank you again for the prayers and support! I can never thank you enough!

Peace and Love!

Supplies: combined
Stamps - Funky Flowers (W Plus 9 Design)
Paper - White (PTI)
Ink - True Black (PTI)
Other - Copics, Doodlebug Jewels, corner rounder

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Drama Update

Thank you all for your emails/comments and prayers! I am feeling okay at the moment but I have had a few rough days. Wanted to post an update while I am doing okay.

I do have a kidney stone. I had to come home with a stint and a catheter 2 days ago. They took it out yesterday and hoped the stone would roll on out. It didn't. I hurt until about 5pm last night and I haven't hurt any since. I don't think I have passed it. I think it is just sitting still right now. Don't know that for sure though. Anyway....

During one of the tests they ran, they found that I have a mass/cyst the size of a peach on my left ovary. My gyno is concerned about it and is going to send the ultrasound pics over to my oncologist on Monday and see what his thoughts are on it.

So... if you would please continue to pray I would really appreciate it. Thank you and love you!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Kelley Drama

Hey... just passing a little bit of time and wanted to update anyone who reads this about my latest drama. I have several emails that I have yet to respond to and I wanted to let you know why. My head is just not with it right now.

So... a few weeks ago I called my doc because I was having blood in my urine (sorry for the graphic details). Went to see him (my gyno)... thought it was an infection... took antibiotics... still happening. In the meantime... pain in my right side of my back started to be more prominent. Seems to be worse when I am more active (blood and pain) so I am thinking it is a kidney stone. Praying it is a kidney stone.

My doc sent me to a urologist yesterday. Bad experience. Talked to me for about 5 mins. ... got a phone call and left the room... heard him go to the room next to mine and apologize to them for leaving. I think I heard him go into another room after he was done with them. I eventually stuck my head out of the door.. the doc was standing there and was horrified that he had forgotten me. Shoved me back in the room and said he was glad that I stuck my head out because I was almost overlooked (I was of the opinion that I was overlooked). Came in and did a catheter ... I am assuming to make sure the blood was definitely coming from my bladder. He said he was going to set me up for 2 tests to rule out bladder cancer. He ran out of the room... I dressed and they shoved me to the scheduling lady. At this point... it was after 5pm (office hours). She informs me that they may call me tomorrow to set things up but it would definitely be the next day (which would be thursday). They only do these tests on tuesday and thursday which means more than likely i would have to wait until next week. So... back home I went... not very happy and definitely concerned.

This morning I make a few calls first thing and they go ahead and schedule my CT for this afternoon and the scope for in the morning. So.... at least maybe I will have some answers sooner rather than later.

So... prayers are much appreciated! I will make sure to respond to emails as soon as I can.

Love you all!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Look Up

Happy early Sunday! It is a little past midnight. My son is hopefully sound asleep at my in-laws. My husband is sound asleep up in the bonus room. I am waiting on our bedding to dry so we can get in the bed.

Michael had his 20 year class reunion tonight. He got home this afternoon from his mission trip and he took Carver over to my in-laws for the night. We had a good time... Michael more so than me of course since I didn't really know everyone. I knew who a lot of them were because when I was younger, I would look through my brothers yearbooks all the time. Thankfully my sister-in-law and brother were there too. My SIL, Brandy, and I stuck close together all night so... that was good.

Anyway... I have worked on making a lot of cards this week (after C was in the bed for the night) for some calls. I have made a ton and even if I get a few selected for publication... I will have plenty to post for a while! :) It has been fun to play with my stamps. I find that I like the less specific card calls the best. It allows me to just pick a stamp set and play with it... no real rules except deciding if it will be a Thank you, Birthday, etc.! It has been some much needed stress relief at night!

People keep telling me that I am going to have to start going to bed when Carver goes to bed. While I agree somewhat... I wonder if the people telling me these things really understand what it is like to not have ANY 'me time'! I mean.... I don't go to work everyday or even a couple of times a week. I stay home all day and all night and I am mommy 24/7. Staying up late to make cards is a way that I feel I am still Kelley and not just mommy! Anyway.... I do seriously need to get in the bed earlier at least a few times a week and will start working on that this week.

Just rambling now so I guess I will go!

This card is one that I made for a submission but when I took it outside earlier today to take a pic of it... I noticed that I had smudged some vintage cream ink in a few places on the card base. So... not going to be submitting this one. I wasn't extremely happy with this card to begin with.... except for the fact that it was made using my favorite stamp set from Practicing Creativity Designs!

Okay... just heard the dryer cut off! Night night!

Peace and Love!

Stamps - Look Up (PCD)
Paper - White (PTI), Hawaiian Shores, Berry Sorbet and Summer Sunrise (PTI)
Ink - True Black (PTI), Distress (Ranger), Frost White (Colorbox)
Other - Stickles (Ranger), Rhinestones (My Minds Eye), Cloud dies (PTI), Felt (PTI), Corner rounder

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Little Fireman

I typed a little poem when I first posted this and now I am feeling bad so I have come back to erase it! :) Carver has been asleep for several hours now and I have been able to unwind! I had to come back and delete it because this picture is so sweet... the only words this picture should have under it are....

Look at my little cutie!

I love you son! I will try to be a more patient mommy tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Moxie Fab - I Want to Ride My Bike

This is my card for Cath's Moxie Fab - I Want to Ride My Bike challenge!

I love this Hero Arts stamp! I wanted to try something new so I colored it with my Stampin' Up markers. I also wanted to try Teri Anderson's faux stitching idea and used some paint and a tracing wheel to make some faux tread under the bike!?!? :)

Well... keeping it short! Feels like forever since I have blogged! I have been making cards at night (after C goes to bed) to just unwind but I haven't done much else this week! We have been busy but I am not making a lot of progress on my never-ending to do list! Michael is on mission trip this week. They are just up the road in Nashville this time but they are still staying as a group away from home to keep the 'trip' feel. They are working on peoples homes that were damaged due to the recent flooding! They are old pro's at it since they have been going to New Orleans a couple times a year for the past several years. This time... they just decided they needed to help people in their 1st home (Nashville). The didn't go to LA but they are getting the same LA weather here this week... man... it is HOT!! HUMID and HOT!!

Okay.... said it was going to be short!

Hope you all have a fab rest of the week!

Peace and Love!

Stamps - Bicycle and Essential Messages (Hero Arts)
Paper - White (PTI)
Ink - Real Red (SU)
Other - SU Markers, Doodlebug jewel, Corner rounder, Making Memories paint, Tracing wheel

Friday, June 11, 2010

Can't think of a good title!

Happy Friday! Wanted to post the rest of the cards that I made recently for the CARDS call. I ended up making another one while C was napping yesterday. It is not a fav of mine... I should know better than to try to rush a card or even make one when I wasn't really in the card making mood. Anyway... I am sure you can tell which one I am talking about! :)

So... I would be lying if I said that I wasn't disappointed this morning! The top 15 Gallery Idol ladies were announced today and I was not one of them. I am having lots of mixed emotions! Most of me is okay with it. I didn't expect to win the whole thing anyway... so the top 20 was enough for me. Of course I would have loved to move ahead and I think the feeling of rejection... like you get when you don't get that email for PC or CARDS when you submit your work... is what I am feeling!

What makes me feel better... even though this sounds bad... is the other 4 ladies that were also rejected. Some wonderful and well recognized card makers in the 5 that are not moving on so ... that helps a little with the sting! :) I am sure they are feeling the same as me right now so ... that doesn't make me feel better!

I am very happy for the 15 remaining and wish them all the best! I mean... eventually I will be happy for the 15 remaining and wish them all the best! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Okay.... so enough about that!

Sent my son and hubby to Pump It Up this morning and I have lots to do while they are gone so I had better get after it!

I wanted to post the last of my made cards real quick and say that now that this Idol competition is over... it will be a little more quiet for a while longer on here. The competition got me distracted from my mission for an organized and clean home (that and the fact that I am having some health issues and not feeling real well). Anyway... time for me to suck it up and get back at it!

I think I am having a kidney stone issue but the doc thinks it is either a bladder infection or a cyst on my kidney. The antibiotic he gave me is not helping yet so I am going with a kidney stone since it feels like what I experienced the first time I had a kidney stone... or at least thought I did! Whew... did you get all of that? Whatever the case... I go back in a couple of weeks to see if I am still having issues and then we will take it from there. If I don't end up in the ER with severe pain before then to find out it is indeed a kidney stone! :) TMI? :)

Okay... well... I am exhausted... physically and verbally.. ha! Talk to you all sometime soon!

Peace and Love!

Supplies: Giving Thanks
Stamps - Autumn Harvest (SU), Vintage Picnic Sentiments (PTI)
Paper - Kraft and White (PTI, Pumpkin Pie and Old Olive (SU), Dotty Biscotti (PTI)
Ink - True Black (PTI), Distress (Ranger)
Other - corner rounder, Doodlebug Jewels, SU Ribbon

Supplies: Tag
Stamps - Autumn Harvest (SU)
Paper -Ripe Avocado, White, Kraft and Dark Chocolate (PTI)
Ink - Distress (Ranger)
Other - Labels 4 Nesties, Twine (PTI), Doodlebug Jewels

Supplies: No sentiment card
Stamps - Giggle Grove (Unity), Background Basics Retro (PTI)
Paper - Kraft, Terracotta Tile, Ripe Avocado (PTI), More Mustard (SU)
Ink - Distress (Ranger), Versamark
Other - Twine (PTI), corner rounder, Kaiser rhinestones

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I actually sat down and made a couple of cards and a tag last night! Woo Hoo! Felt good!

I made them for the current CARDS submission so they aren't exactly appropriate for the season. However... gotta have something to post, right? I hope to work on some more 'appropriate' cards tonight! We shall see!!

Hope you all have a great Thursday! Thank you again for your comments/votes on the Gallery Idol contest. The 15 ladies moving forward will be announced in the morning so make sure to check and see who they will be on the Paper Crafts blog!

Peace and Love!

Stamps - For the love of dots (Practicing Creativity Designs)
Paper - Crushed Curry (SU)
Ink - Vintage Photo Distress (Ranger)
Other - Making Memories Alpha stickers, Corner rounder, Basic Grey Woolies, Metal Dots

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love Grows

Happy Wednesday! Hope you are all doing well!

This is the last card in my basket that I can post! :) I have been so consumed with home stuff that I haven't made a ton of time for card making, etc! I am hoping the end result will be a home that is organized and easy to maintain so that will leave me more time to craft/blog hop, etc! I just have to concentrate on getting those lingering projects around the house done! Then I can tackle any new home redo's one at a time!

However... I have not been feeling tip top the past couple of days so maybe I will relax a little and sit down to craft tonight! I slept on and off last night from the time Michael got home until 9am this morning! Feels good to have actually gotten some rest! Will have to try that again sometime! :) ha

So... this card. This is not a fav card of mine but it isn't 'bad enough' to just throw in the card tub without posting. And yes... I have made myself toss a few into the tub and not post them... progress for me who always has to post everything! :) I made it for one of the Etsy Inspired Challenges last month and decided to go another route. It has grown on me a little but definitely not my fav card that I have ever made.

I really just wanted to post and to say Thank you for all of your support/sweet comments about the Gallery Idol contest going on right now! I really appreciate all of your kind words! I tried to stay true to my style which is CAS. I don't anticipate my kind of CAS making it all the way and that is okay! I am just truly honored to be in the top 20 and will be honored to make it as far as I can make it! I feel very blessed to have accomplished what I have accomplished this year as far as being recognized for my cards! God has blessed me with a wonderful family and wonderful friends! I am just happy! :) Thank you again for visiting me and leaving me some sweet love! :)

Peace and Love!

Stamps - go ahead Wish (Unity)
Paper - White (PTI)
Ink - Pure Poppy (PTI)
Other - Corner rounder, Making Memories alpha stickers, Star Dust Stickles and Glossy Accents (Ranger).

Monday, June 7, 2010

Gallery Idol Voting Is Open

Hey all... just wanted to post my card for the Paper Crafts Gallery Idol and let you know that the voting is open!! You can go here to register and vote! So... please go vote for your fav. card of the bunch! Lots of great cards to choose from!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Peace and Love!

Stamps - Antique Engravings (Hero Arts), Inspired Verse (Stampendous)
Paper - Kraft and White (PTI)
Ink - True Black (PTI)
Other - Twine (PTI), Copics, Star Dust Stickles and Glossy Accents (Ranger), Kaiser Rhinestone

Friday, June 4, 2010

Last of the Christmas Cards

Well... I am happy to report that this is the last Christmas post! I love Christmas but something about posting them in almost 90 degree weather just seems wrong! :) I made a ton for submissions with the thought that I would submit them all to each call as they came up (minus any that happened to get picked up). There are still a couple of Christmas calls in the future but I just think I am out of Christmas card ideas so I don't think I will be making any new ones! I guess I need to purchase some new Christmas stamps... sometime!

Anyway... I won't be posting anything else until Monday... at which time I will post my card for the next round of Paper Crafts Gallery Idol. Woo Hoo!! Make sure to go vote on Monday for your favorite card of the bunch! I am sure they are all going to be fab so I don't envy you for having to decide! If you are my friend ... don't feel the pressure to vote for me! If I move on to another round... I want to know that people just liked my card. If not.... then again... I am just happy to be in the top 20! :)

Okay... now that I have gotten that out of the way! :)

Today has been rough! Not all day but ... not much sleep last night. I woke Carver up after midnight because he was on fire... and well... I got about 4 hours of solid sleep (maybe). Nap time was not pleasant today... he was late taking it and was just so tired. Anyway... he hasn't had any fever as far as I know today. I have kept him on motrin and tylenol most of the day because his throat hurts. Strep test was negative but either he is in the 1-2% that gets a false reading or... he has a virus that mimics strep.... that I can't pronounce! :)

Well... that is all from me. Just wanted to finish up the Christmas cards and give an update on Carver because you guys are sweet and ask how he is doing!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I am off to work on my picture project (started it today) and do some stuff for Sunday School. Oh... and laundry and clean up some dishes. :) And hopefully at some point... sleep!

Peace and Love!

Supplies: Happy Holidays - Holly and Berries
Stamps - Signature Christmas (PTI)
Paper - Kraft (PTI), Graphic 45
Ink - True Black (PTI), Distress (Ranger)
Other - Sizzix Die, corner rounder and dimensionals (SU), Kaiser rhinestone, Twine (PTI)

Supplies: Happy Holidays - Tree
Stamps - Merry Christmas (Bo Bunny), Holiday Sayin (Hero Arts)
Paper - Aqua Mist and Vintage Cream (PTI)
Ink - Dark Choc (PTI), Distress (Ranger)
Other - corner rounder, Kaiser pearl, May Arts ribbon

Supplies: Fa La La
Stamps - Look Up (PCD)
Paper - Kraft (PTI), Music paper from my friend Janelle
Ink - L'Amour Red and Landscape (Superior), True Black (PTI), Distress (Ranger)
Other - Corner rounder, Stickles (Ranger), Kaiser rhinestone, Thickers (American Crafts)

Supplies: Joy Snowman
Stamps - Heart Warmers (CHF), You're Dandy (PCD)
Paper - Kraft (PTI), White (Staples), Music paper from my friend Janelle
Ink - True Black (PTI), L'Amour Red (Superior), Versamark
Other - Crayola colored pencils, corner rounder and dimensionals, Kaiser rhinestone

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Christmas Tags

Sorry for the Christmas posts but I want to get these posted. These are tags/cards that I made a while ago for submissions. I want to get them out of my basket... formerly known as 'the bucket'! :) I am not patient enough to wait until Christmas time to post them. Sorry!!

I took Carver to Toys R Us today to pick out a special toy! Carver had a hard time at nap time yesterday without his pacifier but he did wonderful.... wonderful at bedtime and today at nap! However... now he is sick! I feel horrible not giving him his paci but... it may work out better this way. That may be why he isn't fighting it! ha...

We got to Toys R Us (which is quite a drive) and he tells me that he doesn't feel good... then says he is just kidding ... after I tell him we don't need to go in if he isn't feeling well. Well... we go in. While we are in there.... he says he is cold and he is on FIRE! We quickly picked a toy and ran to Wal-greens. I got him some medicine and a popsicle. While eating his popsicle he said "Mommy... this makes my throat feels better"! Hmmm... So... I called the doc and we will be leaving in just a few. I am afraid he has strep again! Anyway... just rambling!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Peace and Love!

Supplies: Music tag
Stamps - Vintage Christmas (Crafty Secrets)
Paper - Kraft and Rustic Cream (PTI), Music paper from my dear friend Janelle
Ink - Scarlet jewel (PTI), Distress (Ranger)
other - Twine (PTI), Stickles (Ranger), SU Dimensionals, Nesties Labels Nine

Supplies: Vintage Santa
Stamps - Vintage Christmas (Crafty Secrets)
Paper - Vintage Cream and Kraft (PTI)
Ink - Dark Choc (PTI), Distress (Ranger)
Other - Labels 4 Nesties, Pearls (Prima), SU Dimensionals, Twine (PTI)

Supplies: Joy
Stamps - Merry Christmas (Bo Bunny), Signature Christmas (PTI)
Paper - White and Pure Poppy (PTI)
Ink - True Black (PTI), Distress (Ranger)
Other - Kaiser rhinestones, Stickles (Ranger), Labels 4 Nesties, Twine (The Shabby Green Door)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Christmas Cards

Here are a few CAS Christmas cards that I made a while ago for submissions. Thought I would go ahead and get the rest of my Christmas stuff posted for the next few days and then maybe I will have something more summery to post by then. Maybe! :)

Carver is finally napping! It took longer for him to fall asleep today because we decided to take his pacifier away... Finally!! I have been dreading it and nap today was truly an ordeal!

I woke up this morning to Carver lifting my eyelid and saying "Wake up Mommy... I can't find my paci". When I walked in the bathroom I saw what he had done. Carver had flushed his paci down our toilet... gotten the plunger out of the linen closet and I guess tried to use it. There was water all over the floor... along with Michaels toothbrush (covered in toothpaste). My toothbrush was also out on the counter with toothpaste smeared on it and all over the counter. My floss was out of it's package and all over the floor. So.... you can guess how my day has been. Some days I feel like a horrible mother! Today is one of those days! No patience and I am just tired. I feel horrible because they are both my own fault! Anyway....

Guess I am done rambling! Got lots to do while C is sleeping! Hope you all have a wonderful day! Thank you all so much for the sweet comments on my news from yesterday! I really appreciate all of you!!

Peace and Love!

Supplies: Celebrate
Stamps - Everyday Words by Ali E (Technique Tuesday)
Paper - True Black (PTI)
Ink - VersaMark
Other - Silver Emboss powder (AC), corner rounder, Jewel sticker (LYB), May Arts ribbon

Supplies: Joy to the World
Stamps - Holly Jolly Christmas and Peace, Love, Joy by Ali Edwards (TT)
Paper - Pure Poppy (PTI)
Ink - Versamark
Other - Black emboss powder (Superior), Gold and Silver emboss powders (AC), corner rounder

Supplies: Peace on Earth
Stamps - Peace, Joy, Love by Ali E (TT)
Paper - Kraft (PTI)
Ink - True Black and Dark Choc (PTI)
Other - Kaiser Rhinestone, White colored pencil (Crayola), corner rounder, Twine (PTI)

Supplies: Merry Christmas
Stamps - Holly Jolly Christmas (TT), Holiday Sayin (Hero Arts)
Paper - Kraft (PTI)
Ink - Versamark, L'Amour Red (Superior), Distress (Ranger)
Other - Kaiser Rhinestone, Black emboss powder (Superior), corner rounder, Ribbon from May Arts

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Woo Hoo!

I had to whip up a card (just now) to post today so I could share some exciting news!

I had 2 cards picked for the 2010 Stamping Royalty contest for Paper Crafts! Woo Hoo!

I am very excited to finally be able to share the news but at the same time... don't want to be like "hey... look at me"! Anyway... I felt like I needed to share because I am very honored and thrilled and I want to show that!

Hope you are all having a great Tuesday! Carver and I took the last load of 'stuff' to the consignment shop today! Michael is back to work today! I wish he had another week off and I think we would have this house in shape! :) We made a ton of progress this past week. We still have a lot that we want to get done but I am also looking forward to trying to get more craft time in from now on. I miss it!

Okay.. well... have a great rest of the day!

Peace and Love!

Stamps - A Little Happy (Unity), Sentiment from Enjoy the Ride (PTI)
Paper - White (PTI)
Ink- Pink Passion (SU)
Other - SU Markers and corner rounder, Kaiser Rhinestones