Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day Three

Our third day at Myrtle Beach is now over! As I type this post, Carver is asleep beside me in the bed (we skipped nap today on purpose) and Michael is checking his emails, etc. We had a great day!

We spent about an hour or so on the beach this morning. Still no going near the water for Carver but he and daddy flew a kite and then he played with his toys in the sand.

It has been overcast, for the most part, everyday we have been here so I am a little disappointed with the coloring in my pictures. I wish I knew how to actually work my camera on something other than auto and maybe I could make them look a little better. I need to put "enroll in photography class" on my to do list and quit complaining! :)

Anyway... after our short trip to the beach, we decided to take a drive so I could visit a couple of antique shops. We ended up visiting one antique shop and then Michael and Carver took a helicopter ride! I did not want to go and wasn't real thrilled about Carver going but it was a very short ride and both Carver and Michael wanted Carver to go. Carver didn't like it at first (we figured that he might not) but halfway through Michael said he calmed down and just looked out the window.

After the helicopter ride, we came back to the room to take showers and get ready for dinner. We ate at a Japanese restaurant and then we went back to the Alligator Adventure park to redeem our 2nd day free pass. We got to see several things that we didn't see yesterday. It is really a neat little place!

After a quick drive through Krispy Kreme (mmmmm!!) to get some hot donuts, we were back at the room for the night!

We end up sleeping in so late that it seems like we don't get a whole lot done in one day but.... I guess that is what a vacation is for. We don't sleep a lot at home (me and michael anyway) so it has been nice to just get up whenever we get up.

Tomorrow is our last day at the beach! I am not ready to come home yet but I think by tomorrow night... I will be ready! It is nice to go for a while but it is always good to get back home! I am afraid Carver is not going to be ready to go back home. Every time we get in the car he says, "I don't want to go home"! He calms down when we tell him we are not going home yet... that we are going to the hotel! He is funny!

Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!


Courtney Baker said...

Glad you all had a good third day! Are you all feeling better?

It's Jenn! said...

Weeee! A helicopter ride! Sounds fun! I sure hope the bug was just a 24 hour thing and that ya'll are having a blast! Loving the pics!