Monday, September 28, 2009

Let's Hoot Together!!

So I got this owl stamp at CK Nashville. I just loved it! And... it was only $1.99!! I couldn't wait to play with it. Of course... it has been sitting here for a few weeks now.

When I got my blog candy package, from the sweet and talented Carly, this sentiment was included. I knew immediately that the two stamps were asking to go together on a card! What a perfect match!

So... hope you guys have had an amazing day! Carver and I went to Michael's for a little while this morning and we have been home the rest of the day. I have been washing and ironing all of Carver's fall and winter clothes! Last night, I went outside and it was cold! Well... colder than it has been in a long time. I decided it was time to quit procrastinating and get all of C's clothes ready to wear!

I also got some of the bins out of the attic (with the help of the hubby) and started going through those. This sounds crazy, I know, but... I cannot stand to have so much stuff in the attic. It just drives me crazy! I think about it all the time!

I finally decided to go through all of those baby bins! I have kept EVERYTHING! I know good and well that I will not use all of what I have kept. Some things I didn't use the first time or... some things I will just want new if we were to have another baby! I still have a lot to go through but as of right now... I have 3 BIG tubs worth of stuff that has got to go!

Next on the list... all of those holiday decor boxes and home decor boxes! I try to keep the home decor boxes cleaned out but sometimes I like to just go through them again so I can remember what I have! I need to see if I have anything that I can alter and use it! I am getting in the redecorating mode. I haven't been there in a long while because I have been in stamp mode but... I am feeling some fresh paint, etc. calling my name! It is just discouraging because I want to redo my whole house but it takes too much money! I just have to be patient and work on one room at a time and try to do it with a small budget. I am just not a patient person!!

But... I am.... a CHATTY person!! :)

Well..... a couple more things before I go!

Do you all have any plans or ideas for this ... ?

I would love to hear about them! My IRL friend, Courtney, is coming over for pizza and crafting! I am super excited!! I wish it was tomorrow! :)

Last thing... don't forget to check back on the 30th (bright and early) to hear about the exciting news that I have been talking about! A PTI gift certificate may or may not be up for grabs!! :)

Stamps - Owl (Prima), Sentiment (Inky Antics)
Paper - Kraft, Vintage Cream, Dark Choc. Bitty Box, Orange Zest (PTI)

Ink - True Black (PTI)
Other - Crayola colored pencil, Black Rhinestones (Kaiser)


Christina Smith said...

I'm going to come over for pizza, too! *wink* (don't I wish?) I love it how you are organizing and going through boxes. I love that kind of stuff!! CUTE card!! I love the sentiment!

Elise said...

Okay, just STOP! {I'm not very patient either and you are making my TWITCH!} ..... Okay, but I do like surprises, too! Forget it... I'll be okay.. I mean: I don't want you to feel compelled to spill the beans to me... I mean, it's just ME! {tee hee}

Okay, Ty Pennington.... Could ya' come over and clean out something for me! You are da' WOman! I'm soooooo impressed with your show! {Cleaning and IRONING the boy's clothes PRE-SEASON!?!} So impressive!

Then, there's the card! The card! The CARD, with the adorable owl! All paper-pieced and elegant and soooo much fun!

You're adorable! Great share, doll!

Vanessa said...

These two stamps belong together! Love your card! Only sleeping one more time, then we`ll know the big news!!

I can`t make myself throw away/give away anything of my girl`s stuff. I am so sentimental!!

Now I am off to cry a bit more, I messed up something really important because of some technical problems with my computer...


Alanna said...

I love this card. That little owl is so cute and it goes absolutely perfect with that fun sentiment.

Good for you for going through things to organize, see what you have, and declutter. If you do get to do some projects around your house, you'll have to post pics.

~amy~ said...

Okay, I LOVE your owlie...who makes her?

can't wait until girlies are driving me nutty with all the clues...

Carly said...

I wish I could come for pizza!! Your card is wonderful and that sentiment is perfect! I am so happy it found a good home.

And I'm with Amy, you guys are driving me crazy with the mystery!!! I can't wait until tomorrow! :-)

Ann said...

What a cute card! I love the kraft! Can't wait for tomorrow! :D

Craft u Crazy said...

stunning card, love he little bird and the sentiment.

Craft u Crazy
South Africa

Amanda Winkelman said... this card! You never cease to AMAZE me with your talent and creativity! Sounds like you've been busy....wish you could come over and motiviate me to do the same at my house!!!! Hope all is well! Love ya, girl!

Jane said...

too flippin ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

Courtney Baker said...

You know painting one room at a time is pretty inexpensive and really can make an effect! Plus you're a great painter :)

I can't wait for the 3rd either. Are we eating pizza at 1? :)

Randee E said...

A match made in cute card heaven!! Love it! And I wish I had your organizing, junk throwing attitude. Feel free to come clean out my attic anytime :0)

Lynnette said...

I love this card, so cute. The owl is so fun. Way to get going on your attic. That is something I definitely need to be doing. There's always something to do around the house, isn't there!

I wish I lived closer to you and Courtney, I'd crash your party (I'd bring some cookies or other snackie treats). It just sounds like so much fun!

Stephanie said...

What a fabulous find at CK Nashville! Love all the patterns you added to him :)

I love how you go through stuff too! I'm so like that - every few months I'm going through a closet or some boxes. I think it stems from my mother who keeps everything - the woman still has some of my baby clothes....don't think I'll be fitting back into them, mom :)

Maile Belles said...

Adorable card!!! I just had a yard sale this summer, selling stuff I have had forever. It sure is nice to get rid of it and free up some room.

~kelly marie~ said...

That owl is adorable and so is the sentiment! Love it!