Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day Two

Ok... so some of you may be wondering why I am still blogging while I am on vacation but... I thought my family (and some of you) may want to see some pics of what we have been up to. Plus... my husband has been on his just as much! :) I found out on the way up here that he was excited that I wanted to bring a laptop for me.... that meant no complaining about him being on his! Don't worry... we are not taking time away from vacationing to be on our computers. We have a 2 year old so we are spending a lot more time in our room than we would if it were just he and I!

When we woke up this morning it was a little cool so instead of going to the beach first thing, we went to Alligator Adventure. Basically it is a zoo filled with mostly alligators! Very cool!

After nap time, we went down to the beach for a little while. Carver is still not a huge fan of the beach. He definitely doesn't want to even get near the water. Today he didn't even want to take off his flip flops and spent the first few minutes just sitting in the beach chair! :) We did eventually get him up and tried to throw a little frisbee. His favorite part of the trip so far just seems to be playing in the room!

It has been cloudy every time we have gone to the beach so I hope tomorrow that it will be warm and sunny in the morning and we can spend a little more time there. I need some sun on these white legs! :)

So... after the beach, we went to dinner and came back to the room! That was our Tuesday! Pretty relaxing and definitely a good day!

I do have some prayer requests though! Carver has been running a low fever and I started hurting some again this afternoon. I am not miserable but I wish it would go away! Carver doesn't act sick at all. He is coughing some and a little congested so I think the fever is related to that but... it is still scary to be so far away from his doc when he is running a fever! So... if you could... just offer up a prayer especially for our boy! Thanks so much!

I am going to post some pics now and then I guess it looks like I am going to have to go to bed so Carver will go to sleep! He is bugging me to death while I am typing this! He just fights sleep!

Peace and Love!


Courtney Baker said...

Oh no, I just wrote that it looked like you were having a great time! AHH... hope you get to feeling better.

And that is so sad that Carver isn't liking the beach. Maybe if it's sunny and he's feeling better...

Karen said...

Alligator Adventure sounds like a lot of fun!! Hope you all feel better soon!