Friday, September 11, 2009

Thanks Mom and Dad and a Woo Hoo!!

WARNING... I feel a long post coming!!

This is the card that I made for my mom and dad using a sketch from the latest Caardvarks Challenge!

As most of you know, my family went on a little vacation recently! This card is to thank my parents for everything that they do! My parents know what it is like to only have one income while you are trying to raise a small child (or three in their case). They appreciate my husband for the amazing work that he does and for allowing me to stay home to raise our son! That being said... my parents gave us a gift to help with our vacation and also got little man some beach toys! This card is in no way 'enough' of a Thank You but... I don't think I could ever thank them enough for all they do!

My parents are the most giving people that I know! They worked hard while we were young... sacrificing things for themselves... so that we could have a good life! They still do this today and we are all grown with our own families! They do this despite protests from us! What a great example I have had set for me! I need to start selling a lot of cards if I am going to be able to help my son (and any future.. hopefully... children) the way that they have helped all of us! :)

Now... back to the card! :)

The stamped sentiment is hard to see in the pics. It is hard to see in real life but... somewhat better than the pictures show! I highlighted the sentiment with rhinestones to draw the eye towards it! Have I said before that I love Ali Edwards stamps!?!?! Well... if not... I DO! I want to own all of them and ... I want to get into digital/hybrid stuff basically just so I can use her awesome products!


Onto the Woo Hoo!!

This has been a truly awesome day! I have been run ragged today... and ran late at everything.. but awesome day!

Carver went to school today and I did my usual cleaning stuff. Well.. after lunch, I received an email from Paper Crafts telling me that they had accepted 3 of my cards for the upcoming Stamp It! issue!! I can not tell you how floored I was! I cried several times today... not sobbing but... just tears of joy while I was thanking my God!!

I am by no means a bible scholar so I really felt that God laid these verses on my heart because He wanted me to share them with you! These two passages just kept ringing in my ears!!

"For I know the plans I have for you," says the LORD. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11

"Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart's desires." Psalm 37:4

It may seem silly to say but... getting this kind of 'acceptance' was a heart's desire for me! My God just gave His daughter... a great big present!!

I have been struggling with having the ' I Can' attitude. I feel like this was a big ole'... 'you can do it girl' !! :) My new plan for what I want to do 'when I grow up' may not be where God is going to lead me but... I am along for the ride because I trust Him!!

I hate to talk about anything else after that but... since I am all sappy right now... I just want to say that if you don't know Elise... you should get to know her! In such a short amount of time... she has become such a wonderful blog friend! What an encourager she is!! Elise has a gift and I am sure enjoying her presence in my life!

Also... another blog friend, Betty, emailed me wanting to do such a sweet thing for me! I won't go into the details but... it meant a lot to me! It has really touched me!

Betty has the most amazing layered cards! Her cards seem like they would take FOREVER just to crank out one but she just keeps them coming all the time! You should check her out too!

Sorry for such a long post! I just feel really blessed today! I look at my family, my blog family, my church family, and most importantly... my God.. and I just can't help but to LET IT OUT! :) I know everyday that I am blessed! Some days just get me a little more sappy than others! Sorry if you are a new blog reader catching me on one of these days! :) Ha!!

Love you all!!

Stamps - Loving Words by Ali Edwards (Technique Tuesday)
Paper - Kraft (PTI), Little Sprout (Crate Paper)
Ink - Dark Chocolate (PTI)
Other - Dark Chocolate button (PTI), Prima Flower, Kaiser Rhinestones
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Janelle said...

Wow, Kelley! Your post brought tears to my eyes -- tears of joy and praise along with you!! The card is fabulous, your parents sound wonderful (as a parent of grown children I can tell you that we LOVE being able to do things like your parents have done to bless you and your family), and WOOHOO -- not one, not two, but THREE cards! That is so great and I'm proud, proud, proud to be one of your blogging friends! Beautiful words of testimony, too. Way to go, girl!!

SmilynStef said...

Love that beautiful flowers ... gorgeous card.

~amy~ said...

Yahoooooooooooooo Kelley....congrats on the pubs.....

Gorgeous the lollipop flower!!!!!

It's Jenn! said...

WOW! Congrats on the publications! That is one of my FAV mags! I will definitely have to pick it up!

And what wonderful parents you have. I'm blessed with the same, selfless, wonderful people in my life. My husband and I started young and needless to say it was difficult to find our footing. They were (and still are) there all the way, and we're where we are largely because of them. It's a good feeling eh!?

Oh, lol, I got caught up in the sappy too, hehe. The card! The card is lovely! I love the color combo, the dimension (what a fun flower!) and oh the stamp, it's beautiful!

Courtney Baker said...

Super proud of you Kelley (my one IRL & blog friend)!

Let's celebrate soon!

Randee E said...

Woo Hoo! I'm soooo happy for you!! How fun is that going to be to see not 1, not 2, but 3 of your cards in print!!!! Oh I can't wait :0) I'm definitely looking for that one. Can I have your autograph please ? ;0)

Winter said...

WOO HOO!!! I am soo excited for you! I felt the same way!! It is such an accomplishment, to see all of your hard work pay off! Now I need your autograph! :) Can't wait to see them in print! :) And love the card too, your parents will love it! :)

lauren said...

beautiful card, i absolutely *LOVE* that fun layered flower!

Maile Belles said...

Beautiful card! What a blessing it is to have such loving and sacrificial parents. My parents too have done so much for me and my siblings in the past and even now. They have always put other first before themselves. I am truly blessed to have such Godly examples in my life!

A huge CONGRATS on your 3 accepted cards!!!!!!! So excited for you and can't wait to see them inprint! I'm going to have to send YOU a mag and get YOUR autograph now! :)

Heidi Van Laar said...

This is absolutely beautiful! I love the crisp clean lines and the fabulous fall colors!

(-: Heidi

PS congrats on your publications!

Jane said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!! how AWESOME is that!!! I submitted some cards but I'm not expecting any emails......I just figured why not!
But to be honest......I'm not surprised! You are talented my friend! ;)

Anonymous said...

Way to go Kelley! You are so talented, and I know that it means so much to have that talent validated through your publications. I also love this card that you made for your parents. It is one of my favorite that you have made recently. They are really blessed to have such a thoughtful daughter.

Elise said...

I already had tears, just reading your praise and recognition of your incredible parents... I was all set to say something like "YOU JUST DID!" - meaning, thanking THEM and showing, beyond your beautiful card, how you cherish them.. It REALLY comes through in you post. Any of us, fortunate enough to have parents like yours, especially when they keep paying it forward by helping us AS PARENTS... We get it, we really do. It is an amazing gift to receive! AMAZING! Your parents must be extremely proud!

THEN, your post went on. Touchingly and lovingly acknowledging God and your spiritual path and humbly accepting your good fortune and reward for you, sharing your fabulous gifts... Then..

you threw me in there, too! {?} WOW! Now, flash out of all that beauty and spiritualness... Wayne and Garth: WAYNE'S WORLD QUOTE "I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!" I'm not! BUT YOU KNOW WHAT!?! I'll take it! Sweet Kelley! Thank you, so much! You made my day! Literally!

I adore you! May today show you more of the same kind of love and validation! *Wink *Wink!

Vanessa said...

Oh, I knew it, Kelley!!! Congratulations on your publications!! I expected that, your creations are gorgeous! I am so happy for you and honoured to know you!


Karen said...

Yup, yup, definitely a fantastic post! I'm sure you have brought tears to your parents eyes with this post. You obviously live your life from a place of gratitude and its no wonder that I (and many others) enjoy visiting you & your online home so much.:>:> CONGRATULATIONS on getting your cards picked up for publication! I'm doing a little Happy Dance for you now! :> And Elise is most certainly an inspiring creative talent.....and incredibly nice to boot! Sounds like a fantastic day!! :> Whoops! Almost forgot to tell you that I love your handmade flower on your parents card! There was just so many great bits here that I almost forgot...almost...but couldn't because I really do love that flower! :>

Alanna said...

What a great post. Your card is fabulous and how wonderful that you have such great parents. And CONGRATS on your cards being accepted. That's something I've never tried. You'll have to let us know, whenever you can, which issue they'll be in.

Anonymous said...

Happy Day! Congratulations on your cards being accepted. I know how you feel about that great big pat on the back from our Father! Your joy is contagious and so encouraging! You have your head and heart in the right place. I bet you are just as much a blessing to your parents as they are to you!

I also absolutely love the card!

Alison Collier said...

I am so happy to call you FRIEND! Your post was wonderful and inspiring. I am so very proud of the Christian woman, wife, mom and friend that you are. Enjoy your stamping you are "awesome" at it. Your posts are more than just about making cards and that's the beauty of your posts. LOVE YA!

Lynnette said...

That's awesome news! I love when you share :)

Stephanie said...

hey girl...can I have your autograph!!!! wahooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! that is SO awesome!!! I can't wait til the mag comes out & we can all see your name in print & your FAB definitely deserve it and I hope you see this as much as the rest of us do!!

love the posie, too :)

Ann said...

Your card is gorgeous, but more importantly...
WOOOHOOOOO!!!!! Congrats on the pubs!!!!! You totally deserve it!!!!!! SO happy for you!!!! :D

Stacy said...

I am sitting here with tears reading this post!! I love the scriptures you quoted! Awesome!! Congrats on the magazine, can't wait to see your cards in there!! :) And how wonderful to have parents like that, I hope to be like that with my kiddos as well!!

~kelly marie~ said...

Eeeeeeeeek!!!!!!! SOOOOO excited for you! I am jumping for joy right now!! I cannot wait to see your amazing cards in print!! Congratulations!!!! Could I add more exclamation points? I think so. :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay!! Also, your card is seriously gorgeous! I love that flower and the colors you used. So pretty!!!