Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Travel and Day One

Well... we made it safely to Myrtle Beach! Thank you God! and thank you all for your prayers for safe travel!

Just wanted to share a few pics from our first day on the beach. I think I will do a separate post for those just because it is late and I don't want to have to try and move the pics and type between, etc. Just easier to do a text post and then one of just pics. OK... just realized that I don't know how to get the pics onto this computer... will have to do it when the hubby wakes up in the morning!

So... Travel! We left at 3pm yesterday and got into Myrtle Beach at 2am on Monday morning. We had to stop a few times so it made the trip a little longer. We stopped for dinner and really the only other times we stopped were to fill up with gas. Carver did wonderful! This was his first long drive and we couldn't have been happier with how well he did. Never once did he ask to get out or anything. Michael and I both commented several times at how well he was doing!

As you may remember... I said we were going to be staying at a Christian retreat (free) while we were here. Well... when we got in at 2am and got to our room... we decided that we didn't think we could stay there. I had expected it to be like a 'retreat' type place... not a nice hotel room but... I was hoping that I could live with it. Well... after a few minutes, Michael decided that since the trip down was so good that he didn't want our stay here to be bad. We packed back up and found a hotel. We got in the bed around 5am!!

I am just a germ freak... I like being in my own home... I am just a little overboard about cleanliness, bugs, etc... especially when my toddler is around. It was such a nice gesture on the retreats part... we just decided that we wanted to have a different experience while we were here. Anywho... enough about that.

So... when we woke up Monday, it was raining! It was a light rain so we went ahead and walked out to the beach for a few minutes. Carver is not real sure about the beach thing. He was so excited to come but of course, he wasn't really sure what the beach was. Now that we are here... he could take it or leave it.

After a short stay at the beach, we ate some lunch and then came in for a nap. After napping (all of us) for a couple of hours, we went back down to the beach. This time we took toys/chairs, etc... hoping to stay a little longer. The sun was still hiding behind the clouds but it didn't rain anymore so I was happy about that!

This trip to the beach was still a short trip but Carver did get down in the sand to play for a little while. Once we got back into the room, Michael realized that our alarm company has called our cell phones. Our house alarm had gone off! Long story short, our friend, Cathy, had a hard time getting our alarm off and it ended up setting it off. When we realized what had happened, the police were at our house talking to Cathy. We got it resolved but I hated it for Cathy! She is helping us out and ended up having to deal with some drama!

So... after that we ate dinner (at Hooters). we went for a night stroll on the beach and now... both my boys are sleeping as I am typing this. I was so NOT tired. I am getting that way now so I am going to crash! Thanks ... if you made it this far... for sticking with me! :)

We had an interesting first day but we are having a good time just trying to relax and enjoying being together!

Oh... funny story that I don't want to forget. While we were at Hooters, I made a comment about the girls socks... I know... I am admitting to 'talking' about people. I wasn't really talking about them... just their socks... nothing else needs to be said about the rest of the uniform, right? :) Anyway...Michael said, "they have socks? I have never looked that low!". Such the funny man!

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday and have a great Tuesday!


It's Jenn! said...

Oh my gosh! LOL about Hooters! Or as my son calls it, Hooties. Hehe, my parents brought him in one in San Diego when he was about 5 and he says he's got a girlfriend there named Buttons, lol!!!! Oh and your husbands comment cracked me up!

I hope you guys are having fun at Myrtle Beach. It's about 3 hours or so from where we are. Can you believe I've lived here 2 years and never been? I went as a kid when we lived in VA for a few years, but I'd love to experience it as an adult now. I loooove the beach! Anyhoo, have fun and I can't wait to see pics!

PS, the Etsy....not going so far, lol. I've made one sale and it was to a close friend back home. I hear it's all about word of mouth, so I'm going to do my best to have friends and family pass around my name. We'll see!

Courtney Baker said...

Kelley I'm totally with you on the beach experience. When I go I like to do it right! It is sweet of them to let you stay for free but for me I know my parents spoiled me :).

I can't believe you went to hooters! If you were in Destin I'd share some of my favorite non-chain places, but alas I know nothing about where you are!

Randee E said...

Hopefully things will settle into "relaxation" mode quickly ;0) Enjoy the time with your family and take all the mishaps with a grain of salt. Those help make the trip memorable too!

Karen said...

You're off! We love the beach and just adore how relaxing it is. Its been years since I've been to the Atlantic coast, but I remember how different it is from the Pacific! Sometimes its so amazing how there are so many differences on this big earth and yet, usually through blogging, it doesn't feel so big, afterall. :> Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation and YAY! for Carver doing So well on the drive there! :>

Winter said...

Glad your trip is going well! Sorry the retreat didn't work out! And I know what you mean about wanting everything clean! We don't do Hooters, not enough modiesty for us! Hope you have a very relaxing vacation! :)

Stephanie said...

Never looked that low - how priceless!! So glad that you all made it safely and I can't believe how well Carver did! That's soooooo AWESOME! My friend's can barely take their daughter one hour away without a complete mental breakdown, so you & Michael deserve a ton of credit regardless if it's just genes or your parenting :) Enjoy the rest of your trip & your new accommodations!