Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You Got Style!!

This is a card that I made for the Paper Crafts September Challenge... Clean and Graphic! I love this image from Unity!

I have always loved Unity stamps and bought my first Unity stamps well over a year ago! Since a lot of the images require coloring, I had gotten away from purchasing Unity! Lately though... I have tried my hand at coloring more because I just love Unity stamps! I love the designs and how well they stamp!

One note to self though.... next time I plan to color with copics... use StazOn!

I am not that good at using my copics but this dress looks a little worse than it had to because I used my PTI ink. It seemed to run a little while I was coloring! Live and Learn!!

On another note... it seems like several of you were still unclear about the whole World Card Making Day thing too! This is what I figured out with some help from my friends!

October 3rd is World Card Making Day! You can read all of the fun things suggested to do on this day if you visit the Paper Crafts blog and follow the links! (too lazy right now to link it for you... sorry) Courtney and I plan to get together and craft on this day so I am super excited about that! They encourage you to post about WCMD on your blog on the 3rd if you are doing something to celebrate the day... even just making a card!

There is a contest where you can win a nice prize package and a chance to get your card published in an issue of Paper Crafts. You have until October 12th to mail your cards in for this contest! You do have to mail them in to submit for the contest. You can find out about the type of cards to submit, etc. on the Paper Crafts WCMD site.

There is also a gallery set up (or will be?!?) that you can just go link your cards (other than the ones you are mailing in) to share with others for inspiration and to get some inspiration of your own!

Is that clear as mud or what?!?! :)

Disclaimer... some of this could be wrong... just telling you what I understand to be correct! :)

So... anyone made any cards to send in yet? I have made 2 but I tell you what... I love them both! I am going to have a hard time putting those bad boys in the mail... to never see again! I am assuming they don't send your cards back (need to investigate that further). I did take pics even though you can't share so... I can duplicate them at some point and/or share on my blog if/when they are not chosen!

I, sometimes, have a hard time letting my cards go... does anyone else feel this way? You put so much time and thought into a lot of them and then you have to give them away! :) Sometimes to people you know could care less that you made it! I just try not to think about how many of my cards just get thrown in the trash... how many good buttons and ribbon I have wasted! :) Ha! That's ugly, isn't it?

Well... guess I am chatty again tonight! I have had 2 naps today and need to go back to bed now! I will spare you the whole "I am not feeling good story" because it is the same ole thing... I think it is the kidney stone!! You guys have heard enough about that! I will tell you if there are any new developments! :)

Peace and Love!

Stamps - Fresh Beginnings (Unity)
Paper - White (PTI)
Ink- True Black (PTI)
Other - Copics, AC Cool Flair, MM Tiny Alpha Stickers
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Jane said...

awesome card!!

Craft u Crazy said...

Hi, my name is Adele James. I came across your blog this morning and WOW your cards are just awesome. They are so clean cut they look like they are going to jump out the page at you. You very talented and THANK YOU for sharing your work with the world.
I'm from South Africa and would love you to pop over to my blog to see my creations.

I love your blog so much I have become a follower, hope you do the same.

Kind regards
Adele James
Craft u Crazy
South Africa

Vanessa said...

This card is beautiful again, Kelley! It would be perfect for the Moxie Fab challenge, too! I have the same problem with letting my cards go! I don`t want to think about them getting thrown into the trash! I really hope you feel better soon!

Sending big hugs,

Catherine said...

Love your card and the colours that you chose, love the badge too! I don't think about my cards going into the bin but I suppose I do get a bit sad when people don't understand all the effort that goes into making the card, oh well I'll get over it. I hope that you start feeling better soon.:)

Stacy said...

Cute card!;)

~amy~ said...

Unity with Flair...gotta love it!!

2 naps...you poor dear, I hope you feel better....

Winter said...

Hope you feel better Kelley! Love this card! The colors are amazing and I love that stamp! No, I haven't had a chance to make any cards yet for the WCMD Challege. I hope to as soon as I quit running the roads! :)

Elise said...

Ohhhhh, Kelley! That's ANOTHER winner, sista! You are so tapped into magic right now, it isn't funny! Thanks for your "clear as mud" explanation about WCMD day! Hilarious! Not so funny is your kidney stone thing! I'm so sorry you're going through something like that! Blech! I am holding your in good thoughts and prayer. Crackers!

Meanwhile, just keep kicking out those delicious cards! Medicinal on any level! EH!?!

Maile Belles said...

Cute card Kelley!!! Thank for sharing the WCMD info, it's very helpful! I too have a hard time parting with my cards.

Courtney Baker said...

This is really cute Kelley. You know you could also stamp this on pattern paper and piece it. Just and idea. I really need to try some of your unity stamps. I used my wood grain last night.

travelingmama said...

These is a cutie!! I love the dress form!! I totally know what you mean about sending the cards off. I send the really special ones to my mom because I know she keeps all of them!

Randee E said...

Hey there! LOVE this card. I love Unity too - mY fav is the Shine On lamps (which is very similar in style to this). I am so right there with you about the cards. I usually do make them with a person in mind, but letting them go is tough - sometimes I make two at the sametime just for that reason :0) HOpe you're feeling better.

Stephanie said...

Love this image, Kelley! Tell me how you have luck w/StazOn not smearing w/your copics? I had to pick up a Memento because it was driving me crazy.

I haven't made anything for WCMD, but I did get started on some of the other Paper Crafts challenges tonight...in fact I saw some of your great creations on Flickr :) Their prizes are just too darn alluring!!

~kelly marie~ said...

Gorgeous card! I love that dress form and you graphic take on it! So cool!

Thanks for the WCMD info too!

I hope you are feeling better. Sending big hugs your way!