Saturday, June 13, 2009

Acrylic Frame Dress Up

It is 1am on Saturday morning and I have been up working on my craft room. I am excited about the progress I have made but still have a long way to go! I am ready to go to bed but wanted to post something first.

This is an acrylic frame that I bought almost a year ago. I put some patterned paper inside, tied a ribbon around the bottom and added a rub on sentiment on the outside. Then I added the best part, one of my favorite pictures of my son! How sweet is he?

This is super easy but just be careful not to scratch the rub on off. If you do, you can always just scratch all of it off and add another one!

We have had a full day today. I haven't even gotten a chance to visit my regular blogs! :-(

I took some really cute pictures of Carver today. I will post those just as soon as I can sit down at my computer long enough to look through them.

Have a great Saturday!
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Carly said...

What a super sweet picture! Love the idea!