Monday, June 22, 2009

How Cute is He?

Unfortunately, I didn't get any just great shots at any of our Father's Day festivities! I got some okay shots but none that I just really wanted to post. My sister-in-law, Brandy, took a good shot of myself, my brothers, and our dad BUT I look like a fat cow so... not posting that one! I really need to do something about that!

Anyway... I did get these cute shots of Carver on Sunday morning before church. I wanted to take a picture of him in his little outfit. I haven't put a one piece outfit on him in about a year or so. When I saw this little outfit at Gymboree (on sale), I had to get it. I thought it would probably be my last chance to dress him in a one piece outfit before he gets too big.

It has a little frog on it but you can't see it for his hands!

The bottom picture is Carver picking flowers out of the yard on our walk to the car. Carver can't resist picking those weeds! :-)

By the way.... I blogged like 5 0r 6 posts over the weekend... if you missed any of them... scroll on down!

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Christina said...

Thank you for all of your sweet comments! Carver is so adorable!