Friday, June 5, 2009

I Love Fridays

Today was such a beautiful day! The temperature was in the 70s all day and the sun was shining! Carver woke us up really early this morning but, surprisingly, this lack of sleep didn't ruin my day! :-) I have already posted once this morning but I wanted to share some pictures from today! It was just a good day!

Michael started mowing and then this is how he spent most of his day...

Michael got most of the front yard mowed before something broke. Luckily I married a handy man so he was able to fix it for $4 ... plus the gas it took him to get to town. I am sure this is not how he wanted to spend his day but he was finally able to get all of the yard mowed! Good job honey!

After Carver's nap, we got in some outside play time.

You can't see Carver real well in this picture but you can see what he enjoyed doing! Carver pushed his wagon all over the yard.

He also picked some of these

and tried his best to blow them!

After Michael got the lawn mower fixed, Carver got to ride/drive the mower with his daddy around the front yard.

Then we watched, from the deck, as daddy mowed the back yard.

Then we played a memory game... Carver's first time actually trying to find the pairs!

and played in the frog tent! For a long time!
To top it off, Carver and I made a trip to Michaels in Nashville! They are remodeling and have really gotten a lot of new scrapbooking/cardmaking stuff. I picked up a few new papers and some Tim Holtz distress crackle paint. Yum!
What a good day!
Oh... and you know I get excited about comments on my blog!?! I saw that I had another comment from Niki Estes today and also one from Geny Cassady! How cool!
I do get especially excited when my crafty idols :-) visit and leave messages. What I have found is that I get excited about all of the sweet comments that I read on my blog! I have found so many blogs of very talented and sweet ladies! I love keeping up with what these new friends create. It just usually makes me hate everything I have made because they are all so talented but I love it anyway!
I love blogging!! :-)
PS... I can't get my spacing to act right on this post and frankly... I am tired of trying! :-)

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♥Aubrey said...

Looks as though you had a wonderful day indeed. Isn't it great to have married a handy man? Mine is need for plumbers or repair men :)
Enjoyed the pictures lady. I enjoy comments too!!!