Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Christmas Buttons

Hope you all are having a great Saturday so far! I haven't been out of bed too long. I am going to get ready to go get my son in just a few but I wanted to go ahead and do my post for the day so I could, hopefully, make something while he naps!

This is another button card and another Christmas card. I don't know why but I am feeling the need to make all of my holiday cards. I guess that is a good thing, right? Hopefully by the time Christmas rolls around, I will have them all done. I wanted to make my cards last year, but I waited too late to start. I should have NO excuse this year!! :)

I had another idea to use this stamp set by PTI to make another Christmas/button card but then I saw my idea... made by someone else... on one of the company blogs that I visit. I guess the idea wasn't as original as I thought! :) Ha... I may have to make it anyway!

So.... date night!?!? Well... Michael did computer work all day yesterday and was not feeling well all day. I was fine until the afternoon and then I started having a sinus headache. Michael got home around 7:45pm (with our dinner) and by 8:30 we were both laying in the bed watching a tv show. After that show went off, I rolled over to close my eyes for a minute. When I woke up it was almost 10pm and Michael was out! :) I got up to feed the dogs and then got back in the bed. We are pretty fun people, huh? :)

While we were awake, Michael kept laughing at us and how boring and pitiful we are! I had to take some ibuprofen for my back this morning. It was so stiff and hurting this morning... I guess from all the laying down! :) I am old!! My body feels much older than what I am. Years of sports have damaged my body!! :) anyway... guess I am chatty this morning! Thanks for checking in on me!! I am going to go visit all of your blogs before I go get my boy! Have a great weekend!!

Stamps - Mega Mixed Messages, Take a Bough (both PTI)
Paper - Kraft, Ripe Avocado Bitty Dot, Scarlet Jewel (all PTI)
Ink - Scarlet Jewel, Ripe Avoc, Chai Tea dye (all PTI), Silver (Hampton Art)
Other - Vintage Cream/White Buttons (PTI), Clear Emboss Powder (Joann)
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LeAnne said...

Kelley, you are so & your hubby sound like me & my hubby! :D
I was so happy to see that your previous button card was chosen by Nichole at PTI----I have been missing a lot of posts, so you probably mentioned it but I missed it! So congrats to you, even it belated!

Winter said...

What a cute card! Maybe I should start on my Christmas cards too, I always wait until the last minute!:) Your date night sounds so much like ours! :) We are always so busy, so it's nice to just lay around sometimes! :)

Alanna said...

Yet another button card that I'm totally in love with. Now I say that even if someone else already had come up with a similar idea, you had the idea and great minds must think alike.

Your night sounds pretty typical for a married couple. I'm sorry to hear about your headache. I know all about those and drugging up with ibuprofen.

I hope you feel better and have a GREAT Saturday.

Stamping at tiffanys said...

I love your card!! so cute! and sometimes the best time is just being next to eachother. =) Sometimes i will be crafting while jose is fixing a computer or a x box or whatever!

~amy~ said...

whatta super sweet card!!! I love it!

You crack me up...I guess I should be happy that I was never athletic..LOL...doesn't mean that I'm not feelin' my age though :)

Have a super weekend!!!

Stephanie said...

Kelley - I'm lovin' your button cards!!! And I'm so envious that you've started on your Christmas cards...every year I say that I'm going to start in the summer and every year in December I'm cursing myself for not doing so!!

Stinkin' age creepin' up on us!! I think there should be magic sheets that when you sleep they can either a)cure you of aches & pains; b)slim & tone your body; c)tan you (especially good when I still look like Casper); d)all of the above....I could've added a bunch more, but I'll spare ya :)

Kristina said...

How cute! I might have to steal your idea for button ornaments! I admit that I am in awe of you right now for actually beginning your Christmas cards.... I'm a definite procrastinator on those. I love Christmas, but like to celebrate in December... when I then have to cram to finish my cards, lol.

The Quiles Family said...

So cute! I don't know if I want to even try and tackle making my own cards this year! I admire your early start though!

Sometimes you just need to spend time at home and go to bed early! Miss you guys!