Friday, July 3, 2009

Welcome Home

Warning.... this is a long post with lots of pics!! No cards... having crafters block... :-)

My husband has been gone with the teenagers to camp this week. Michael comes home today... hooray!

This year, they took the kids to a camp that was only an hour away from where we live so Carver and I made a trip on Wednesday to visit for a while.

When we arrived the high schoolers were having their recreation time. The middle schoolers were doing their bible study time.

Carver had a lot of fun joining in on the water play.

This is Michael's cousin, Bryson. Carver had a big time playing with Bryson. In fact, as soon as we pulled up to the camp, Michael was walking to the car and Carver says "There is Bryson"! That is typical Carver. You miss him and look forward to seeing him. You think he will be happy to see you but someone else always gets the first shout out! :-)

This is Daddy and Carver ringing the dinner bell!

After lunch, Michael took a few minutes to show us around the camp. It was so beautiful and country and quiet... I loved it! I wish I could live there!

These pics were taken on the front porch of the house that was on the property. Some of the band members and Mrs. Shirley and Mr. Tommy (they come along to cook for the kids) got to stay in this super nice house. My favorite part was that porch!!

By the way.... I replaced the picture at the top of my blog with one of these pictures. It is more recent and it is of all 3 of us. I hope to get a better one soon but this one will do for now. I just hope people don't think this is my porch.... since my blog is named my front porch and you can tell the picture was taken on the porch... you get what i am saying!! :-)

And... another by the way... the other picture I added was just so I could have my picture next to comments I leave and I could add myself as a follower, etc. This picture is SOOO old. I don't have a whole lot of pics of just me. I am usually the one behind the camera! I hope to replace that one soon too! I just wanted to mark those things off of my to do list, temporarily!

Ok... back to camp...

These are just some sweet pics I got of Carver and his daddy...

If you made it through... thanks for sticking with it!! :-) Hope you have a great Friday!

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Ann said...

Aww, there are some really sweet pics in there! TFS, and have a great holiday weekend!

Christina said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures!!

travelingmama said...

I am so glad you showed us pictures! What fun! And I wouldn't worry about the photos not being of your own porch- they are fitting either way!

thevfiles said...

Love the ones of Michael and Carver walking on the dock!

Is this the camp that Andrea's uncle runs? I visited it once, and some of the porch pics look familiar.


Winter said...

Great pictures, I really love the the one with your husband and son looking up at the tree, so cute! I hope they had a great week at camp! :) Thanks for sharing!

Ever Changing Seasons said...

AWESOME pictures and post Kelley.